15 officer like qualities

The 15 officer like qualities i.e OlQs are the aspect that is considered while selection in SSB. These are the traits that an aspirant must inculcate in their personality to get recommended. Wherein these qualities are divided into four factors i.e planning and organizing, social adjustment, Social Effectiveness, and Dynamic.

List of 15 officer like qualities

Factor – I (Planning and ORGANIZING)

  • (a) Effective Intelligence
  • (b) Reasoning Ability
  • (c) Organizing Ability
  • (d) Power of Expression

Factor – II (Social Adjustment)

  • (e) Social Adaptability
  • (f) Co-operation
  • (g) Sense of Responsibility

Factor – III (Social Effectiveness)

  • (h) Initiative
  • (i) Self Confidence
  • (j) Speed of Decision
  • (k) Ability to Influence the Group
  • (l) Liveliness

Factor – IV (Dynamic)

  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Stamina

Factor – I (Planning and ORGANIZING)

Effective Intelligence: The ability of a person to perceive relations or to do abstract thinking. Effective intelligence is different from basic intelligence. This effective Intelligence can be improved by thinking out of the box.

Reasoning ability: The ability to grasp the essentials well and to arrive at the conclusion by rational and logical thinking. people with higher reasoning ability are exceptionally sharp, analytical, high imagination, logical and practical.

Organizing Ability: The ability to use resources in systematic order and get an effective result by using the resources to its full potential to fulfill the objectives. This skill can be improved by organizing events and activities in schools or colleges.

Power of Expression: The ability of a person to convince their ideas to others easily and clearly. This ability can be improved by taking active participation in public speaking.

Factor – II (Social Adjustment)

Social Adaptability: The ability of an individual to adapt himself to the social environment and adjust well with persons, social groups, etc. The person with higher adaptability is genial, very spontaneous in adjusting well in a short time.

cooperation: The ability to cooperate and work with the group to fulfill the objectives of the project. such a person is altruistic, selfless, volunteer workers with tremendous esprit-de-corps. They are warm-hearted, spontaneous and group minded people.

Sense of Responsibility: A person with a higher sense of responsibility is exceptionally dutiful, faithful and respectful to authority. They are very conscientious and go out of the way to complete their responsibility.

Factor – III (Social Effectiveness)

Initiative: The ability of a person to take initiative to display plenty of originality in thoughts & actions.

Self Confidence: People with higher self-confidence are totally composed, rationally active have abundant faith in their abilities, self-reliant and constructive in difficulties.

Speed of Decision: The ability to make sound decisions with a considerable sense of urgency. The person with this ability is Infallible, prompt and judicious.

Group Influencing Ability: The Ability to influence the people around them and inspire their group to work with passion. The person with this quality must be highly inspiring, indispensable, impressionable, assertive, persuasive, firm and have considerable capacity to overcome opposition

Liveliness: The ability of an individual to lighten the environment with their sense of humor. The person having the quality of liveliness always tends to smile and always try that people around him laugh.

Factor – IV (Dynamic)

Determination: Determination is the ability to do the task with the same passion even after facing difficulties. This is important to complete the task with obstacles.

courage: The abilities of an individual to complete their mission even in difficult situations by taking risks to achieve their goal.

stamina: The ability to sustain prolonged any kind of physical and mental stress is called stamina. Hence, The physical, as well as mental stamina, can be improved by daily practice.

In this post, we have covered all the 15 officer like qualities (OLQs) in order to help aspirants to get brief about OLQs, which will help them inculcate these qualities for SSB.

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