Games Mascots

The Olympic mascots are usually an animal native to the area or human figures, mostly a fictitious character. who represent the cultural heritage of the place where the games are taking place.

GamesCityMascot Character
2016 Summer OlympicsRio De JanerioViniciusA hybrid animal representing all Brazilian mammals
2018 Winter OlympicsPyeongchangSoohorangA white tiger
2020 Summer OlympicsTokyoMiraitowaA robot with blue chequered patterns from the official emblem
2022 Winter OlympicsBeijingBing Dwen DwenA Giant Panda

Commonwealth Games Mascot

Following table consists of the Mascots for the recent and upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Games yearCityMascotCharacter
2010 DelhiSheraA Tiger
2018Gold CoastBorobiA koala

Asian GAmes Mascot

Following table covers the various Mascot which represented their home countries in respective Asian games

2018 Asian GamesJakarta and PalembangBhin Bhin, Atung, KakaBirds of paradise, Bawean Deer, Javan Rhinocerous
2022 Asian GamesHangzhouMemories of Jiangnan (Congcong, Lianlian, and Chenchen)Three futuristic robot characters

In the above post, we covered Important Games Mascots. Which are favourites for the exam setters especially defence!

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