Major Straits of the World

In this post, we are covering the list of major straits of the world. The questions related to this topic is frequently asked in the GK paper for CDS and AFCAT.
strait is a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water.It may be formed by a fracture in an isthmus, a narrow body of land that connects two bodies of water. Tectonic shifts can lead to straits like this.

List of major straits of the world

Sr,NoName of StraitsJoinsLocation
1Malacca StraitAndaman Sea & South China SeaIndonesia –Malaysia
2Palk StraitPalk Bay & Bay of BengalIndia-Sri Lanka
3Sunda StraitJava Sea & Indian OceanIndonesia
4Yucatan Straitthe Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean SeaMexico-Cuba
5Mesina StraitMediterranean SeaItaly-Sicily
6Otranto StraitAdriatic Sea & Ionian SeaItaly-Albania
7Bab-el-Mandeb StraitRed Sea & Gulf of AdenYemen-Djibouti
8Cook StraitSouth Pacific OceanNew Zealand (North & South Islands)
9Mozambique StraitIndian OceanMozambique -Malagasy
10North ChannelIrish Sea & Atlantic OceanIreland-England
11Taurus StraitArafura Sea & Gulf of PapuaPapua New Guinea — Australia
12Bass StraitTasman Sea & South SeaAustralia
13Bering StraitBering Sea & Chuksi SeaAlaska-Russia
14Bonne-Fazio StraitMediterranean SeaCorsika — Sardinia
15Bosporous Straitthe Black Sea and the Marmara SeaTurkey
16Dardenleez StraitMarmara Sea and Agean SeaTurkey
17Davis StraitBaffin Bay & Atlantic OceanGreenland-Canada
18Denmark StraitNorth Atlantic and Arctic OceanGreenland-Iceland
19Dover straitEnglish Channel & North SeaEngland-France
20Florida StraitGulf of Mexico and the Atlantic OceanUSA-Cuba
21Hormuz StraitGulf of Persia & Gulf of OmanOman-Iran
22Hudson straitGulf of Hudson & Atlantic OceanCanada
23Gibraltar StraitMediterranean Sea & Atlantic OceanSpain-Morocco
24Magellan straitPacific and South Atlantic OceanChile
25Makkassar StraitJava Sea & Celebeze SeaIndonesia
26Tsungaru StraitJapan Sea and the Pacific OceanJapan (Hokkaido-Honshu Island)
27Tatar StraitJapan Sea & Okhotsk SeaRussia (East Russia-Sakhalin Islands)
28Fovex StraitSouth Pacific OceanNew Zealand (South Island- Stewart Island)
29Formosa StraitSouth China Sea & East China SeaChina-Taiwan

Some Important Straits

  • Longest straits: strait of malacca (800km), which connects the Andaman sea with south china sea (pacific ocean).
  • Narrowest strait: strait of Bosphorus which connects the black sea and Marmara sea.
  • Bering strait: separates Asia and America
  • Bass strait: separates Australia from Tasmania
  • Gibraltar strait: separates Africa from Europe

All the best to aspirants preparing for various exams .Inorder to help aspirants with their preparation we have covered all the major Straits of the World.

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