SSB Interview Procedure

service selection board conducts the SSB interview procedure . service selection board is the council that runs the selection process . SSB Interview procedure are divided in 2 stages. It takes 5 days to complete the procedure.

SSB Interview Procedure

Stage 1 of SSB Interview Procedure


 1.  ORI (officer intelligence rating test):In this test verbal and non-verbal questions are asked which includes simple and analytic reasoning .

2. PPDT(Picture perception and description test): In this picture is displayed to the candidate for 30 seconds and they are asked to write a story about that picture within 4 minutes.

3.GD(Group discussion): In this round there are in total 15 candidates who wrote a story about the same picture and each one have to discuss their stories and ideas about their story. 

The result for stage 1 is announced on the same day , candidates selected undergoes stage 2 of SSB INTERVIEW PROCEDURE 

Stage 2 of SSB Interview procedure

Personal Interview :

After clearing the stage 1, Personal interviews are arranged in afternoon & evening slots of day 2,3 & 4 . For the same Candidates are instructed about their interview slots before. It is a main key which decides your recommendation in the SSB Interview procedure. SSB Interview questions and answers plays an important role in the assessment of the candidate. How to face the Interviewing officer.  In the SSB Personal Interview is the major concern here.

day-2: psychological test

1.TAT(Thematic Apperception Test)-This round is same as PPDT wherein 12 slides are displayed for 30 seconds. After Each slide 4 minutes are given For story writing and In 12 slides ,1 blank slide is displayed hence, candidate has to write a story imagining any situation, hence the story writing should cover following points:

  1. The reasons that the situation in the picture occurred.
  2. Explain the Situation in picture.
  3. outcome of situation in picture.

2. WAT (Word association test): In this round 60 words are displayed for 15 seconds . Candidates have to write a sentence using that word.

3. SRT(Situation reaction test): Candidates will get a booklet with 60 situations. Candidates are required to write their responses based on those 60 situations with in 30 mins.

4.SD(self description): In this round candidates are instructed to describe themselves according to their opinion, parents opinion, friends opinion,teachers/boss opinion &  are also asked what qualities do they want to develop and time allotted is 15 mins.

day-3 : Group testing rounds:

1. GD(Group discussion): There are two rounds of GD. In first round of GD the candidates in a group are allowed to choice anyone topic among two and discussion on that topic. In second round of GD the group discussion the topic given by their GTO . The time allotted for each discussion is about 20-30 minutes.

3.PGT(Progressive Group Task):This round is a group activity where the each and every member of the group has to cross some obstacles with the help of supporting materials like rope, plank, wood log etc.

4.Snake race/Group Obstacle Race:In this round all the group members will be competing with other groups.Each Group will be holding a snake structured rope or bag and crossing the obstacles.

5.HGT (Half Group Task): This round is similar as PGT round but there number of group  members is half.

6. Lecturette : In this round 4 topics are given and candidates have to select one topic . candidates are given  3 minutes to  prepare and then they have to speak for 3 minutes.


7. IOT (Individual Obstacles Task)-In this round candidates have to cross obstacles in the allotted time . Each obstacles in this task carry specific points. Candidates who have complete the task before time they can cross the obstacles again and earn extra marks.

8.Command Task:In this round GTO briefs the candidate about the task or obstacles they have to cross. Candidates have to select few other group members to help him/her complete the task, furthermore Candidate have to assign each member with a particular work and also have to instruct them at the same time. How the task should be carried out and complete the task.

9. FGT(Final Group Task):This task is again same like PGT.


Fifth day is a conference day wherein the their is a closing address speech. Each candidates will be facing all SSB board members. He will face few general questions like how was your stay or what did you learn from this, conference decides whether or not to recommend candidate as an officer in Indian defence forces. It hardly goes for 2-3 minutes.

After this 5 days SSB Interview Procedure the candidate selected are announced . The selected candidates have to stay back for a medical examination.

There are 4  locations where SSB Interview Procedure is conducted

  1. Bhopal
  2. Allahabad
  3. Bangalore
  4. Kapurthala

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